Daily Goal: Keep walking and exercising even though the FitBit is being crazy and not counting all the steps.

Calories – 1209

Steps – 12,520 (I really had about 3000 more, but my FitBit is having problems. They are replacing it, but my step total is going to be lower than it really is until the new one gets here.)

Progress on the Road to Rivendell – 88.69 miles of 458 miles. Off the path in the Old Forest.

Calories Burned – 2148

Total grams – carbohydrate – 127

Total grams – fat – 55

Total grams – protein – 60

Total weight loss – 70 lbs

Strength Training Sets Reps/Set Weight/Set
Overhead Press, Machine, Seated 1 15 20
Bench (Chest) Press, Machine 1 15 20
Row/rear delt machine 1 15 45
Lat Pulldown 1 15 42.5
Leg Press 1 15 70


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