Daily Goal: Another day of meetings and riding in the car. Try to walk as much as possible and be careful about what I eat.

Calories – 1207

Steps – 14,388

Progress on the Road to Rivendell –  miles of 458 miles. Morning of the 6th day out from Bree. Frost. Very clear. Can see crumbled ruins on Hills ahead.

Calories Burned – 2235

Total grams – carbohydrate – 119

Total grams – fat – 56

Total grams – protein – 67

Total weight loss – 71 lbs

Strength Training Sets Reps/Set Weight/Set
Bench (Chest) Press, Machine 2 15 20
Lat Pulldown 2 15 42.5
Row/rear delt machine 2 15 50
Overhead Press, Machine, Seated 2 15 20


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