Daily Goal: Take it easy on the walk this afternoon. Time to rest a little.

Calories – 1248

Steps – 22,700

Progress on the Road from Rivendell to Lorien – 387.68 of 458 miles. 23rd day out of Rivendell. Reach the 1st Deep. Fire blocks them from Orcs. Cross Bridge over Durin’s Deep. Balrog attacks. Gandalf and Balrog fall. Rest escape up flight of steps, and out East Gate. Orcs flee. (ca.1 p.m.). Then continue down rough, winding trail. Pause at the spring of the Silverlode.

Calories burned – 2964

Total grams – carbohydrate – 154

Total grams – fat – 59

Total grams – protein – 52

Total weight loss – 75 lbs