Note: During August I am giving myself permission to be a little less strict with the calories, and exercise. It’s my birthday present to myself for the month.

Daily Goal: Invited out for barbecue this evening. TRY to be sensible.

Calories – 1315

Steps – 14,542

Progress on the Road from Rauros to Mt Doom (I’m going with Frodo and Sam after the breaking of the fellowship) – 73.02 of 470 miles. Day 4. Reach the deepest ravine thus far. Frodo climbs down. Finds a few gnarled trees. Stumps continue to cliff edge. As cliff is lower, Frodo decides they should descend. Storm arrives just as Frodo slithers down to a rock ledge below. Sam remembers his rope and pulls Frodo up. After the storm they use the rope to descend. Dusk falls. Head east from base of cliff. Reach a great fissure with a stream inside. It curves north: bars way.

Calories burned – 2571

Total grams – carbohydrate – 162

Total grams – fat – 51

Total grams – protein – 49

Total weight loss – 74 lbs