Daily Goal: Rainy day (hallelujah!). Get my walking in whenever I can.

Calories – 1313

Steps – 17,639

Progress on the Road from Rauros to Mt Doom (I’m going with Frodo and Sam after the breaking of the fellowship) – 214.76 of 470 miles. Day 11. Follow a stream to a small clear pool. Bathe. Sam finds orc fire-ring. Camp back toward road. Gollum brings coneys. Sam cooks stew. Eat. Found by Southern Rangers with Faramir. Day 12. Rangers battle the Haradrim. Sam sees an oliphaunt.

Calories burned – 2751, including gardening

Total grams – carbohydrate – 132

Total grams – fat – 51

Total grams – protein – 73

Total weight loss – 74 lbs


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