Daily Goal: Lunch bunch at a new restaurant. Be sensible.

Calories – 1247

Steps – 18,908

Progress on the Road from Rauros to Mt Doom (I’m going with Frodo and Sam after the breaking of the fellowship) – 268.5 of 470 miles. Day 14. Reach area of large trees – more open: ash and oak. Dusk. End of the forest. Can see White Mountains to the west and dark peaks of the Ephel Dúath to the east. A vale falls away before them – the Morgul. They stop until midnight. Perched in an oak, the hobbits cannot sleep.

Calories burned – 2521

Total grams – carbohydrate – 123

Total grams – fat – 46

Total grams – protein – 71

Total weight loss – 74 lbs