I’ll be starting this journey over again, today. NO! I won’t wait for the beginning of the month.

I’ve gone hog wild for the last two weeks while I was on vacation and traveling, but that ends TODAY!

I also haven’t been exercising (10 days out of 15 I spent in a car or a train – SITTING), that ends today.

Yep, you’re seeing that correctly. I’ve regained 12 of the 70 pounds that I worked so hard two years ago to take off.


Daily Goal: Begin to get back on track, limiting carbs and calories.

Calories – 1356

Steps – 2928

Distance – 2.85 miles – cumulative this month – (Who knows – not enough) miles

Calories burned – 2175

Total grams – carbohydrate – 156

Total grams – fat – 64

Total grams – protein – 48

Total weight loss – 61 lbs


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