Daily Goal: Breakfast out. Eat gently at lunch and dinner. Rest day from exercise.

Calories – Target 1300 – Actual 1265

Steps – Target 10,000 – Actual 20,659

Distance – 8.94 miles – cumulative in April – 174.53 miles

Calories burned – 2885

Hours with 250 steps – 12 of 12

Total grams – carbohydrate – Target 114 – Actual 116

Total grams – fat – Target 65 – Actual 62

Total grams – protein – Target 65 – Actual 71

Total weight loss – 64 lbs

4 thoughts on “4/28/2017

    • Total calories are not my problem. Too many carbs are my problem. I’m not losing regularly at this point (you’d think I would be losing, but…). I struggle with diabetes that I control with diet and exercise. I suppose my metabolism is pretty low (although my thyroid is fine). I lost 70 pounds a couple of years ago by severely restricting carbs (less than 70 gm per day), and sticking to 1300 cal. Then my blood sugar was too low, so I added carbs back to a target of between 100 and 110 gm a day. Because of the diabetes I can’t eat a lot protein to keep the load off on my kidneys; I try to keep it around 70 gm per day. If I eat too many carbs (over 130 gm) my BS goes up and I gain weight (or at least don’t lose anything). I LOVE bread and cookies and occasionally splurge – for which I pay with a 3-lb gain that takes me 3-4 days of eating right to get back to where I started. I know I don’t fit with the standards that most trainers and doctors accept, but those are the facts.


      • You know yourself best 🙂 Have you tried protein snacks or low carb supplements? Some contain low carb but “feels” like carbs. I usually eat this ice cream which contains more protein than carbs.


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