Year in Review – 2014

I began seriously dieting under medical supervision the second week of January 2014. With the doctor’s and dietician’s help I was able to lose weight (69 pounds) and completely eliminate all my diabetes medications. (I took oral meds from 2002 through most of 2013, when the doctor switched me to an injected, long-lasting insulin.) Currently I take the smallest dose of a statin available, and a low dose of a blood pressure medication. I hope to eliminate them in the coming year.

When I first started the diet, my medical team asked me to list 12 reasons I wanted to lose weight. Here is what they were – and how I’m doing with fulfilling them.

  1. Mitigate or eliminate health threats caused by weight – DONE! (See above)
  2. Buy clothes off the rack that fit – I’ve gone from a size XXXL (tight) to a comfortable XL. I still have a way to go, but there’s progress.
  3. Wear pants that don’t bulge at the pockets – DONE! although they are still in the “women’s” range.
  4. Wear jeans and shorts comfortably – I don’t know, because I haven’t tried. Maybe this spring or summer.
  5. Walk the length of Ruston Way – for pleasure – DONE! (Ruston Way is a paved path along the waterfront in Tacoma, WA)
  6. Ride the train comfortably – DONE! I’ve not taken an overnight trip this year, but short trips have been fine.
  7. Sit in a booth at a restaurant, or dining car on the train – DONE! we used to have to ask for “table not a booth” because I couldn’t fit my stomach between the bench and the table.
  8. Pick up things off the floor easily – DONE! (I almost wish I still need help to get stuff – now that I can, I have to.)
  9. Sit in arm chairs without being uncomfortable – DONE! No longer do I have to look for an armless chair in order to fit my behind in the seat.
  10. Advance in tai chi – DONE! although you never stop learning in tai chi.
  11. Walk the trails in Point Defiance Park – DONE!
  12. Explore the National and State Parks in Washington – partially done. I’ve been up on Mt Rainier and walked where I wanted to. I hope to get to the Olympic National Park and Nisqually Wildlife Refuge this spring. If I haven’t done it, it isn’t because I couldn’t walk that far, it’s only because I haven’t gone.

So, now, what are my goals for 2015?

  1. Eliminate cholesterol and blood pressure medications.
  2. Buy and comfortably wear size 16 clothes.
  3. Buy and wear some leggings.
  4. Buy and wear some skinny jeans and a pair of shorts.
  5. Continue to walk on Ruston Way in decent weather.
  6. Enjoy the train trip we are planning for the fall of 2015.
  7. Be comfortable with my choices at restaurants and allow an occasional “splurge” without losing ground or excess guilt.
  8. Work in the flower beds and in the vegetable garden this summer.
  9. Surprise my family with my weight loss when they come to see us for our 50th Anniversary this June.
  10. Keep up with tai chi.
  11. Continue to walk down the hill to Point Defiance Park and enjoy the gardens, waterfront, and trails.
  12. Visit Olympic National Park, Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, and the San Juan Islands and not be intimidated by the hills.